Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Instructions for Patina Finishes with Permalac Lacquer Sealer:

Careful inspection and maintenance of any finish on metal should occur at least twice per year.

Look closely at the areas where dirt is able to accumulate as this is where deterioration will originate. The finish should be cleaned every 2-3 months (more often in high traffic
areas). Not maintaining the finish on a regular schedule, or using oil may result in surface failure.

Should water come in contact with the metal, DRY IMMEDIATELY.

It is advisable to maintain a record log.

***A void using any ammonia based cleaners***

***A void using any type of scrubbing abrasives or abrasive cleaners***

Permalac application and care instructions are all available at the following web address:

” . .. Perm a lac has consistently demonstrated an ability to last 18 months between refinishings. And the part Building Maintenance professionals like the best: how easy it is to remove the old finish from interior surfaces and retreat them with Permalac. A simple acetone wipe down will take all surfaces down to bare metal or wood . Once the substrate is polished and cleaned. the first coat of new Permalac can be applied. Since Permalac cures to the touch in 30 to 60 minutes, it is soon ready for second or even third coats if so desired. This means the whole lobby can be treated overnight and is totally ready for employee traffic by starting time the next day. If there a re environmental concerns we recommend Perm alac EF. This provides all the UV and abrasion resistance provided by Permalac but contains only 170 grams of VOCs per liter. This will comply with all current state and local regulations in the United States.”

(excerpt taken from website listed above)

Download Permalac Data Sheet: